Silkbank Treasury:

In an exceedingly dynamic an exceedingly dynamic and volatile economic environment Silkbank treasury has evolved as an active player in the Financial Markets. Here at Silkbank, we nurture a culture of enhancing the return on investments with complete focus on customer needs for their financial solutions. The Treasury seeks to do this by becoming the Risk solutions provider, offering quality treasury products and being the leader in product innovation.

Fixed Income Sales:

The Silkbank Fixed Income Trading unit maintains an active trading desk in the secondary Corporate Debt markets thus is able to provide competitive bids / offer quotes in all liquid Corporate Debt instruments. The team is highly skilled at providing efficient services, strategy recommendations which are consistently changing with the market conditions to its individuals and corporate clients. Fixed Income Sales Desk also provides timely views on interest rates and economic conditions enabling the clients’ to make prudent investment decisions. We also provide an IPS Account Facility to both corporate and individual clients. The Desk establishes a dedicated corporate relationship with each client and caters to the individual needs of Corporate, Insurance companies, Pension, Provident Funds, etc.

Forex Market:

Silkbank Limited is an active player in the interbank market, providing competitive prices to satisfy the customer’s FX needs arising from trade, remittances and other Forex flows in all major currencies. Our enthusiastic and dynamic sales and trading personnel are committed to providing competitive quotes in all major currencies with up-to-date market intelligence, advice and timely execution of deals to our customers throughout the trading day in local and global currencies. Information in respect to the prevailing rates of most of the currencies of the world is regularly updated for the Corporate and individual clientele of the Bank, as well as information about market changes and expected opportunities for them to take necessary action if required.

Money Market:

Silkbank Money Market Desk, through a team of qualified and experienced professionals contributes in managing the liquidity position of the bank, amongst other activities. The Silkbank Money Market is also one of the market makers for Treasury Bills, Pakistan Investment bond and Term Finance Certificates.

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