Business Value Account Plus

Silkbank Business Value Account Plus is a unique business current account that offers protection & transactional benefits specifically designed for catering to your daily business requirements.

Finally, a Current Account that provides complete peace of mind and convenience to the Businessman! Introducing Silkbank Business Value Account Plus, which provides you with Free Business Inventory Insurance Coverage up to Rs.1 Crore, Free Protection against cash snatching for Cash Withdrawals from all ATMs across Pakistan, Free Funds Transfer, Free Intercity Transactions and much more!

As a Business Value Account Plus customer you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Free Intercity Transactions
  • Free Payorder and Demand Drafts
  • Free Cheque Books
  • Free PayPak Debit Card
  • Free SMS Alerts for ADC transactions
  • Free Mobile & Internet Banking

Benefits based on a balance maintenance of Rs 100,000

  • Free Business Inventory Insurance Coverage
  • Free ATM cash withdrawal insurance coverage
  • Free Interbank funds transfer
  • Free ATM transactions from other banks’ ATMs
BVA Plus handbook

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