Frequently Asked Questions

You can call on our helpline at 111-100-777 or visit any Silkbank Branch in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and our team will guide you through the application process and all the relevant requirements.
You will earn 2% cashback every time your card is used at a merchant outlet. The accumulated cashback will be shown in your monthly statement. You can redeem your cashback by calling our 24/7 Phone Banking. The cash back will be credited to your card with
Yes. You can issue up to 5 supplementary credit cards to your family and friends. There is no Annual Fee (or Joining Fee) for Supplementary Cards either. You can assign the limit for each Supplementary Card yourself. As the Basic Card member, you will be
No. Silkbank will not charge you any Annual Fee (or Joining Fee) for your credit card during the first year. However, the bank reserves the right to levy annual fee in subsequent years.
Platinum and Gold Verified by Visa Verified by VISA Terms & Conditions
Yes, Silkbank`s Credit Card is a chip based card, which is EMV compliant. This means the card is more secure than any non-chip card. While using your card at merchant outlets, for more secure transactions ask them to `dip the chip` rather than swiping the
Silkbank`s SMS alert service sends you an SMS alert on your registered mobile number every time your credit card (basic or supplementary) is charged. This will help you keep track of transactions so you know when your cards are used and also alert you in
Secure yourself against any unforeseen events that can lead to problems for your family. Silk Protect will ensure that any outstanding balances on your credit card are paid by Metlife ALICO Insurance in case of Permanent / Temporary Disability, Death or T
You can withdraw cash from all Silkbank ATMs in Pakistan and any ATM displaying the Plus Sign (also displayed on the back of your card) anywhere in the world.
You can withdraw cash up to 50% of your credit limit. For example, if your credit limit is PKR 100,000 and your withdrawal limit is 50%, then your cash withdrawal limit will be PKR 50,000.
PKR 25,000 for Silkbank ATMS and for off us ATMs, the maximum amount will be determined by the limit set by the respective banks.
Just call 0800-07455. One of our Phone Banking Officers will be happy to help you activate your credit card.
Since it is a Visa Credit Card, your card is accepted at thousands of outlets in Pakistan and millions worldwide.
Your Credit Card statement will be generated every month. The due date will be specified on your statement every month, and will be 21 days after the billing date.
Your billing statement will be couriered to you every month. You can also enroll for e statements, through which your statements will be emailed to you every month instead of paper statements.
Payment by Direct Debit - Just call Phone Banking at 111-100-777 to enroll for Direct Debit so the payment can be debited from your Silkbank Account automatically every month. Payment by Cheque or Cash - Simply fill out the deposit slip at our branch a
If your card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately by calling Phone Banking at 111-100- 777.
Yes, you can use your cards on the Internet. Just call the call centre at 111-100-777 to allow internet transactions on your card.
If you notice any discrepancy in your monthly statement, report the matter to our Customer Services Team on 111-100-777. In order to check statement entries, retain all your sales slips and printed receipts. This will help you keep a record of all your tr
You can simply inform us of your new mailing address by calling our 24 hour Customer Services at 111-100-777 and update your profile.
You can seek emergency assistance by lodging a lost/stolen card report or obtaining emergency cash from Visa Emergency Assistance Centers.
You can call our 24/7 Phone Banking at 111-100-777. You can also email us at
Silkbank provides you with an opportunity to transfer your current credit card balance to your Silkbank Credit Card - at a Balance Transfer Mark-up rate of 0%. All you have to do, is pay the minimum amount by due date every month and enjoy the benefits of
Silkbank provides you with an opportunity to transfer your current credit card balance to your Silkbank Credit Card - at a Balance Transfer Mark-up rate of 0%. All you have to do, is pay the minimum amount by due date every month and enjoy the benefits of
0% APR Credit Card is specifically for customers who have been using credit cards for at least 2 years, maintaining a good credit history, and have outstanding balance on their respective credit cards can transfer his amount for the selected time period a
While Silkbank does not apply any service or interest charges on balance transfer amount for the selected time period, a balance transfer fee is charged to your card. You can pay the balance transfer fee in full or pay it over time as per your convenience
a.Call 111-100-777 and ask for information regarding 0% APR Credit Card and asking the Sales representative to guide you through the process. b.Visit our website and apply online for Silkbank Credit Card. Our Sales representative wi
Yes, balance transfer fee will be charged on the balance transfer amount been transferred to Silkbank Credit Card. Please refer to the Schedule of Charges (SOC) for details.
Yes, 0% APR Card works like a normal Credit Card for all Retail & Cash Advance Transactions.
Yes, you have a choice of paying the outstanding balance transfer amount anytime within the selected 0% APR time period.
Retail mark-up rate instead of Balance Transfer rate of 0% will be charged on the outstanding amount on completion of the selected 0% APR time period.
Retail rate for service charges instead of balance transfer rate of 0% will be charged on the outstanding amount from that month onwards.

Simply contact our Helpline at 111-100- 777 to get more details and initiate your request. Once you’ve compiled all the necessary documents, they can be sent to one of our offices below:

Lahore and Faisalabad
Asset Help Desk
Silkbank Limited
27 Tipu Block, New Garden Town
Main Ferozpur Road, Lahore

Karachi and Hyderabad
Asset Help Desk
Silkbank Limited
Hussain Center,
Shahrah-e- Faisal, Karachi

Islamabad and Peshawar
Asset Help Desk
Silkbank Limited
1 st Floor, F-7 Markaz,
Jinnah Super Market,
Near Saffa Gold Mall, Islamabad

Yes, if you meet following conditions:

Permanent Credit Limit Increase*
Temporary Credit Limit Increase*
Your income or employment has change in the last 6 months
Temporary Limit can be enhanced after minimum of 6 Months of using Silkbank
Credit Card
It has been at least 6 months since you started using your Silkbank Credit Card
Temporary Limit enhancement can
be made up to maximum of two
months with maximum temporary
enhancement up to 50% of the
original credit limit

*The credit limit will be determined by the Bank and will be issued only after assessing eligibility details and documents thoroughly subject to credit check and approval of application

If your monthly salary has reached a minimum of Rs 150,000 and you meet the credit limit increase criteria stated above, you can apply for an upgrade to Silkbank Platinum Card. Simply call our Helpline at 111-100- 777