SMS Alerts

Silkbank SMS Alerts Offer our customers the ability to stay informed around the clock, anywhere, any time.

Once enrolled for SMS Alerts, you will receive alerts on the transaction amount you select, from the following set of options:

Banking Transactions:

  • All Transactions
  • Transactions of Rs.50,000 & above
  • Transactions of Rs.250,000 & above

Internet/ATM Transactions:

  • All Transactions
  • Transactions of Rs.10,000 & above

For more information regarding product details or to find out how to register for this service, visit your nearest Silkbank Branch or call 111-100-333 where our Phone Bankers are ready to assist you round the clock.

Q - What are SMS Alerts?
SMS Alerts are Short Message Service, provided at customer’s given mobile number to give him / her convenience of keeping a track of financial / non-financial transactions.

Q - How do I subscribe to SMS Alerts?
You just have to fill out the form available on Bank's website and in branches and submit it to your respective branch.

Q - Are SMS Alerts sent on all mobile networks?
Yes, your subscribed Alerts will be sent on all local mobile networks.

Q - How much do SMS Alerts cost?
As per the SOC, SMS Alert charges are Rs. 50/- per month only.

Q - Can I receive my SMS Alerts abroad?
SMS Alerts services are available on your local mobile network abroad if on roaming.

Q - Can I Block / Unblock my subscription?
Yes, you can block your subscription by signing a Block / Un-block request form available in all branches.

Q - Are charges applicable for termination / blocking / un-blocking / modification of SMS Alert Service?
No, there are no charges for blocking and unblocking of this service.

Q - Why am I not receiving any SMS Alerts?
If you do not receive any SMS Alerts after you have signed-up, please make the following checks:

  • Check that your messages inbox on your phone is not full.
  • Check your subscription details on SMS Alerts form that you filled at the time of enrollment.

Q - What happens if I change my mobile number?
In such case, you have to fill the form and submit to your respective branch with your new mobile number.

Q - How do I Terminate from SMS Alerts?
To Terminate from SMS Alerts, fill the form and submit to your respective branch.

Q - Where will I receive my SMS Alerts?
You will receive your SMS Alerts on your mobile.

Q - On which mobile number will I receive SMS Alerts?
You will receive SMS Alerts on your mobile number which you provided at the time of registration for SMS Alert service.

Q - How many SMS Alerts will I receive in a day?
You can receive unlimited SMS alerts of the transactions falling under your chosen tier.

Q - What types of SMS Alert services can be availed?
You can avail following types of transaction services:

  • Over the counter/Banking Transactions such as PO, DD, Withdrawals, Deposits etc.
  • Internet / ATM Transactions

Q - In case of joint account who will receive SMS Alert service?
Services will be provided at the mobile number (only one number) provided on the enrollment form at the time of registration by the Account Holder.

Q - Can the SMS Alert services be availed on more than one mobile number?
No. Service can be availed at only one mobile number, provided at the time of registration by the Account Holder.

Q - Would I receive Alerts of all transactions I make, irrespective of the amount?
There are tier options available for each set of transactions. You would be asked to select any tiers option for each set.

A – Over The Counter/ Banking Transactions B – Internet/ATM Transactions
All Transactions All Transactions
Transactions Of Rs.50,000 & Above Transactions Of Rs.10,000 & Above
Transactions Of Rs.250,000 & Above

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