VISA Debit Card

Silkbank welcomes you to a world of convenience and security. With the Silkbank Debit Card, you get 24-hour access to your cash anytime and anywhere around the world. Your VISA Debit Card offers you international acceptance and enables you to draw your cash from your account anywhere, any time.

With the Silkbank Visa Debit Card, you are a privileged customer at over 54,000 retailers in Pakistan and millions of outlets globally.

In case of a stolen or lost card, you are protected against fraudulent transactions made on your card after you report the loss.

For more information regarding product features, visit your nearest Silkbank Branch or call 111-100-333 where our Phone Bankers are ready to assist you round the clock.

Q- What is VISA Debit Card?
Your Debit Card gives you access to money in your bank account either through ATMs or by swiping the same at any Merchant outlet.

Q- How do I subscribe for VISA Debit Card?
You just have to fill out the required VISA application form available at your respective branch.

Q- How can I activate my card?
On receipt of your VISA debit card, just call our 24-hour Phone Banking at 0800-07455.

Q- What can I do with my VISA Debit Card?
Your VISA Debit Card is acceptable globally, and you can access your bank account from any where you want by drawing cash, dining at your favorite hotel, getting your groceries, travelling, shopping and lot more!

Q- Where can I use my VISA debit card?
Your VISA Debit Card is acceptable around the world at millions of retailers including over 54,000 retailers in Pakistan. Your VISA card can also be used as your ATM card over 4,500 ATMs nationwide, including Silkbank’s network across Pakistan.

Q- What kind of transaction can be made on VISA debit card?

You can make the following transactions on your VISA Debit Card:

  • Cash withdrawal through ATM
  • Funds Transfer
  • Utility Bills Payment
  • Mobile Balance Recharge
  • Balance Inquiry
  • PIN change
  • Shopping at outlets having VISA sign

Q- What types of VISA debit cards are offered by Silkbank?
Silkbank is presently offering the VISA classic Debit Card.

Q- Who will be responsible in case of lost or stolen of VISA Debit Card?
In case of stolen or lost of your VISA Debit Card, you are protected against any fraudulent transactions made on your card after you report the lost Card to Silkbank.

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